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About Me

hello, and welcome!  i am mary.  i started this blog as an outlet to slow down and be more present with myself.  to share my life's adventures, my emotions and feelings, things i'm learning, my challenges, aspects of motherhood, travel, food, home decor, style, you name it.  

i have the best life partner and husband, ryan.  we met while working together at an office furniture company.  true story, he stalked me on fb while i was living in ny and when i moved back to mi (which is home), he asked me out on a date via a calendar invite on my work email.  and to this day, it's been the best work meeting i've ever attended. we fell in love and got married in 2015.  bought a charming 1930's tudor home and have been making it our own since the day we moved in.  and since then, we've added two beautiful boys to our family, jack, age 3, and william (will), age 6 months.  they too have been destroying our home--i mean making it their own as well. ;)

this is all very new to me so i'm happy you are here.  please comment, message or find me on IG.  thank you for following along.

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